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Walker RTK

Walker RTK is a compact dual-frequency GNSS receiver for high-precision coordinate surveying in RTK (Real Time Kinematic) mode.
It is an ideal tool for 3D surveying manholes, sidewalks, curbs, steps, landscaping, mapping trenches, and underground utilities such as electricity, gas, water, and sewer lines.

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Compact and handy

Achieving absolute positioning accuracy in a 3D environment with a portable instrument was previously almost impossible. There are only a few miniature GNSS receivers in the world, but they have serious drawbacks. We did not set ourselves the task of creating the smallest GNSS receiver, our goal is to make a compact and easy-to-use solution. With Walker RTK, we wanted to be a game changer for industries that already use professional surveying kits. In addition, Walker RTK has the ability to enter and consolidate its position in industries where the use of RTK technology was too expensive or too heavy and inconvenient. Walker RTK is suitable for various applications where high positioning accuracy is required. With a lightweight and compact design (only 250 grams), the Walker RTK GNSS receiver is easier to use than classic survey receivers. It is quickly ready for use and does not require special and time-consuming configuration. The receiver is used without wires and external batteries. Just turn it on with the power button and the receiver will start up automatically.
* RTK requires a subscription at local provider or own Ntrip caster.
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Compatible Apps

Easy to use, plug&play and compatible to many Apps, you can do traditional surveys, measure ground control points, stake out known points or geotag photos for photogrammetry usage and many more. The main thing: whatever you do, you will significantly improve your workflow with the use of the Walker RTK GNSS receiver.

Integration with Mapios platform

Walker RTK data can easily be transferred using the KML file import feature to the mapios.com online platform. The platform allows you to create and manage maps of Walker RTK-derived objects.

The platform supports the display of all types of objects:

  • Markers
  • Heat points
  • Polylines
  • Shapes
  • Layer files

For each object, the meta-information is supported (description, photo, text), which is automatically added when importing a KML file, or manually added through a visual editor when editing the object. The built-in filter allows you to easily manage their display on the map. Objects can be combined into predefined categories with category-level display control.
Quick search by object allows you to quickly find it on the map by name and keywords.
Maps created on the mapios.com platform have a unique URL that can be publicly or privately accessed depending on visibility settings. A map with objects can easily be embedded into another website or an online platform. Thanks to online access, multiple users can work on the map simultaneously, allowing it to be used by individual users as well as by teams.

More possibilities with the ultra-light foldable pole

The Walker RTK can be equipped with an additional compact and lightweight accessory - a foldable pole. The body of the pole is made of strong and lightweight aluminum alloy. The pole has a unified 5/8" thread and is fully compatible with the Walker RTK. The top section of the pole has a soft foam handler, allowing you to work comfortably in cold weather.
The bottom of the pole is equipped with a metal spike, thanks to which it will be securely fixed on any surface. If necessary, the spike is hidden in the body.
A foldable pole consists of 4 sections, each of which is fixed by a solid flip locks and can be extended to different lengths. The adjustable height of the pole ranges from 55 to 173 cm with a total weight of only 0.54 kg.
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Walker RTK handheld dual-frequency GNSS RTK receiver

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